Century Editions Definition of Giclee

Given the lack of a definition of the term Giclee Print We will find it necessary to define our Giclees as a print that is made with digital inkjet printing technology that possesses no digital signature (visible lines, dots or worming) in the finished print. Century Editions giclees are produced with pigmented ink technology. Century Editions pigmented ink provides prints with minimal fading and graceful aging (without color shifts) over a 100+ year lifespan (thus the name Century Editions). Longevity of giclee inks used at Century Editions have been independently tested by Wilhem Imaging Research and testing verifies a projected lifespan of 100-150 years. Century Editions canvas Giclees do not include Optical Brighter Additives that most other giclee prints do. OBA's loose there efficacy over time and if prints are printed with them in the canvas they will change as the OBA's become inactive. Additionally it is our belief that the OBA's can react with pigments and shorten the lifespan of a giclee reproduction.

As important as the ink and substrate is to a giclee print it will mean little if you have a poor image capture or poor color reproduction. Century Editions giclees are sharp and are a true representation of the colors and densities of the original art. While the entire color pallet available to an artist cannot be reproduced by any digital printing technology. We feel confident that the gamut of our printing exceeds that of any giclee printer using archival technology. In the rare cases when a color is not reproducible, we can substitute a pleasing alternative shade or value, or embellish the print in order to create an accurate rendition.

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