An important new service for artists and gallery owners

Century Editions now offers a free ultra-high resolution digital artwork archive service. What does that mean to you as an artist or gallery owner? In addition to the immediate savings of not having to invest in high resolution archive files, you also gain a library of images that could generate substantial future income. With the very reasonable cost of setting up editions and pay as you go Giclée pricing available today, limited and open edition prints can become a substantial part of your income.

Giclée prints allow you market to a much larger audience at lower price points while actually raising the value of your originals. A properly generated digital archive file is timeless and will allow for the best quality reproduction today or twenty years from now. With digital image captures costing up to $500 per session, it does not make financial sense to sell an original and have to use the profits to archive the image for the mere possibility of a future printing.

While using traditional photographic chromes for duplicating artwork can sometimes cost less than all digital captures, the photography is only the first step in the archiving process. Chromes need to be drum scanned. The two-step process introduces a plethora of problems including color errors, density errors, geometry errors, film grain, scratches and dust spots. More importantly, the drum scan itself is expensive when done correctly. Using chromes can result in the quality of the edition being compromised. The cost of achieving a first print is often increased substantially due to increased proofing requirements when using chromes. There is no question among professional Giclée printers that a high-resolution color correct digital capture generates the absolute best reproduction in the least amount of time.

Advanced Photo Studio

Century Editions has designed and built a fine art reproduction studio for photographing paintings up to 6 x 8 feet. We use the highest resolution digital cameras (760mb native file size) paired with lenses that have been custom ground to the higher standards required for perfect geometric and color accuracy.

Use of ultra-high CRI (color rendition index) cold lighting, laser alignment, computer controlled uniform light field compensation, computer verified focus and a state-of-the art computerized color correction system allows us to achieve one of the finest digital artwork capture systems in the world. Each of our scans utilize a custom color reference target with over 500 color and density patches along with a reference file of actual target measurements. These targets are used to create a custom ICC (international color consortium) color profile that insures future prints match your original as close as the most current technology allows. These high-grade image captures exceed the resolution of 8x10 chromes while capturing more precise colors and having a larger dynamic range. Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking that file size does not matter when trying to capture every nuance of a brush stroke.

High resolution camera scans insure the best quality reproduction will be attainable with the technology available today and at the time of printing. A high resolution archive on our servers is included for free with every promotional disk you purchase (for pricing see special services price link). Promotional disks include an image for use on web pages or email and a medium resolution image suitable for use in note cards, advertisements or brochures. Each promotional image is provided with the correct color profile, file type and resolution. Century Editions archives a ultra-high resolution image capture (identical to the captures we sell at

premium prices) at no additional charge. The artist gets the benefit of having the best quality images to promote a future giclee print reproduction without the higher cost of the full resolution image captures. With the minimal cost involved in getting a promotional disk there is no reason not to safeguard your ability to make reproductions in the future by digitally archiving every painting before it is sold.

Why Free?

By now you must be wondering what’s in it for us. We are in the business of making Giclée prints and while we may not make a profit on a promotional disk sale (the capture process requires about 2 hours of for each painting), we do charge for our printing services if you choose to use them. We don’t believe in high-pressure sales, but believe you will be impressed with what you see at our atelier. If you choose to use a different printing company (we can’t imagine why you would) we do offer a high resolution digital file on CD at the time of the capture (or at a future date from our archive at higher cost). Images printed at Century Editions do not require any purchase of image capture as it is included in the cost of the giclee reproduction. promotional disks of images that have been reproduced as giclee prints are avail for a nominal charge. Proof images are also available printed or on CD for your portfolio or web site. See our price list for more information on these services.


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