Toss the Wheel !
Things change. Ever wonder how anyone got by without a cell phone or a microwave? Can you believe that we used to get around by riding on the back a horse (or looking at the back end of one)? Technology has changed just about everything in our lives. So why in the world are you still using that old round Artist's Proportional Scale you have in the drawer?

Century Editions has placed a FREE precision calculator on line so you can determine what sizes your art can be perfectly scaled to. So what you say? Well, try it and you will find that our Artist's Proportional Calculator instantly finds all whole number proportional sizes and puts them in an easy to read printable list. Giclee reproductions won't need to be cropped at proportional sizes. Whole numbers means that stretcher bars or pre-made frames will be easier to purchase too. 

Want more? We also added a couple columns for what we call proportional odd sizes. Have a client that only has 30 inches of wall space? Our Artist's calculator will also find the giclee print size that will fit that space best. 

Is your original an odd size like 14.25 x 16.5? Our online Artist's Calculator will let you know that it will scale exactly to 19 x 22  in a couple of seconds.  A little smaller than you wanted? Well, it also posts a close match at 25.05 x 29. A little image cropping or manipulation and you are good to go. Wasn't that painless? Sizing prints for giclee reproductions was never easier.

Best of all, Century Editions' Artist's Proportional Calculator does ALL of the above at once. Just enter the size of your original art, hit calculate and be amazed at how you survived without this great tool! Hit the print button and save the result. When a client wants to know what size you can make giclee prints in, you already have the answer in the form of a handy printout. Print one for every original and you will always have access to the information you need without a computer. Perfect for art shows, galleries or when you visit a clients home or office.

You can always find our Artist's Proportional Calculator under the reference tab on our web site. Bookmark it or link to it so you will always know where it is. While your there you'll know that the best giclee printing service is only a mouse click away. Now go find another use for that old wheel and step into the twenty-first century.

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