We print giclee prints all day long and at the end of the day we are ready for a little escape. The Century Editions Resources Page is a list of favorite web resources from our clients and employees. Clients are encouraged to submit resources and we will credit them with the link. Please no vendor submitted resources without being sponsored by a client or an employee of Century Editions. All links open in a new page for your convenience.  

Paint Brush

Art Business -It's how we make a living.


Trekell Brushes (John Cox)
Forget made in china. These are great brushes. Hand-made in the USA at great prices.

Artists Pigments
Make your own paint? You betcha! Sinopia has everything you need and fresco supplies to boot.

Bronze Copyright
I found this site after checking on a Jane DeDecker bronze I own. The art community has to take control this situation.

Wet Canvas
One of the largest bulletin boards on the internet and its all about art. Over 3 million posts. If you read 10 posts a day thats enough reading for 822 years! Free registration.




Food and Wine-Our artists socials are known for the quality of the food, wine and service. We are always receiving requests for sources of ingredients, food recipes and service wares. Crave a deal on a meal? You can find those links in this section too.


JB Price
Great site for a lot of the serving pieces we use at our events. Also tools for food prep and molecular gastronomy.

This is the best place I have found for purchasing all of the chemicals used in molecular gastronomy at reasonable prices.

Slow Food
The opposite of Fast food. Slow food celebrates the art of dining and the culture of food.

Caviar, Frozen Porcini (nothing like the dried ones! a must try) Bresola and Foie gras (I know this isn't all politically correct),

Fiddleheads, ramps, pawpaws, chanterelles, morels and cultivated mushrooms. You can get it all here.

Great companion site to earthy.com with recipes and information on hard to get ingredients.

Tienda and Club Tienda
Spanish food. The club site has great priceson overstock and items close to expiration dates. If you order from the main site I found it best to ask for the expiration date of meats and cheeses as I have had a few shipments with dates that were due to expire soon.

Amigo Foods
A great site for all spanish and latin american foods. I like the brand of Spanish Chorizo (Pamplona) they sell and its on sale often.

K&L Wines
This is one of the best sources of wines on line . Plus they are really nice folks. A great source for older vintages and special occasion bottles.

Restaurant Gift Certificates
Buy yourself a gift certificate? They email you quite a bit but the savings can be pretty darn good with sales of up to 80% off on gift certificates. A $25 certificate costs only $2 during a 80% off sale! You do have to spend a minimum amount (usually $35 for the $25 certificate) and remember to tip on the full amount.

shopping Cart

Shopping-The web is an amazing place to get a lot of bang for your buck. These are some of our favorite places to find that deal you can't resist.


Deal News
One of the best deal sites on the web. This has saved me thousand of dollars.

Deal Coupon
Related to the DealNews family of sites it's worth a visit before you go shopping. There's nothing worse than finding out the store had a 20% off coupon after you made your purchase. Current printable coupons and discount codes for hundreds of stores.

Deal Mac
Another (and the original) DealNews site but with a Apple/Macintosh slant.

Consumer Reports
You need to subscribe to get the full benefit of this site. I personally prefer the online version to the hardcopy because you can search for an item so easily.

New Balance Shoes
The best place to buy your tennies and workout apparel. These are not seconds First quality product in just about every size at terrific discounts.




Reference-You can't have too much knowledge.

Speed Test
Is it me or is the web a little slow today? This is a great site to test the upload and the download speed of your internet connection.

Detailed images of the world. The birds eye views are amazing. Punch your home address in and enjoy the view.

You may want to crack open that bottle of wine (whine?) before you check the current value of your home here. Does not work for commercial buildings.



News and Entertainment-What's news today?


Titan TV
The easiest way to see what on television. They have over the air, satellite and cable listings. Just register and enter your address and service type(s) With the correct video card in your computer this can work like a tivo and record programs with one click. And best of all its free.

Video Jug
There is something just plain wonderful about a site so knowledge friendly. Search for "How To Fold A T-Shirt In 2 Seconds"? (Yes it really works)
Food and drink, do it yourself project help and simple explanations of technology. All in short video format. Some of the best and sometimes funniest content on the web.

Popular Science
Popular Science magazine What can I say I was born a nerd. Well written stories about what makes things tick.

Popular Mechanics
Similar to popsci.com just a different set of stories. Perhaps a more practical slant for those who tend to get their hands a little dirty.

Soot and Ashes
What's is wrong with America? I try to stay out of political discussions with clients but I have included these two sites with different political views for your enjoyment.

The New York Times
The New York Times. The best newspaper in the world is also the best online newspaper in the world. It's free, registration is required.

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