You may have noticed that we have put a rather large copyright on the bottom of every page of our web site. It may seem silly that we have to do this since one place should surely be enough. Needless to say, there are many individuals and companies out there that feel that if its on the web, it's fair game. We have made an extraordinary effort to protect the design and content of this site because we have had it ripped off in the past. Given the scope of this web site and the time and planning that was required to produce it we are especially protective of it. By making it extremely obvious that the pages are copyrighted it will make it much easier to obtain a damages award for any infringement should we ever find it necessary to enforce our copyright.

Many will say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Have you ever seen a copy of one of your paintings? Unfortunately, we see it often in the art world. While some may be flattered that someone would steal from them, most would be upset. Artists should consider a printer or publisher's integrity before they choose to conduct business with them. Art reproduction is a business that requires a great amount of trust. When you bring a piece of art to a giclee printer and they photograph it, you have given them all the material they need to duplicate your art without your permission!

While there can be legal repercussions for this type of infringement, they take time and money and often only the attorneys win. More often the printers indiscretion (understatement) goes undiscovered. Read the copyright infringement section of our web site and you will discover exactly that same circumstance occurred recently to the tune of $20 million dollars in fraudulent or unauthorized prints. And that was only one couple in the giclee business. Had they not gotten so greedy as to graduate to forging contemporary masters (and doing such a bad job of it at that) they probably would not have gotten caught.

In an instance closer to home, a Mr. A. Brown (whose giclee printing company located in a midwest state will remain unnamed as not to provide him any advertising) lifted a good part of his web site text directly from our old web site. The same individual even had the gall to pose as a customer several times in an attempt to garner proprietary process information! Once a thief, always a thief? If a person steals content to promote his art business should he really be trusted with your art?

Every giclee order we take comes with a promise from Century Editions that we will not make additional prints without your permission. We have built a reputation for integrity and that applies to all parts of our business. All prints are logged and a customer is welcome to inspect our logs at any time.

We hope that our reputation of conducting business with integrity should make your decision to utilize our giclee printing services a little easier.

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