Patricia Dobson
I have been working with Century Editions for four years, and from the start have been so impressed with the co-operation, quality and attention to the finest detail to assure the best reproduction possible. Start to finish, their work is the most comprehensive I've seen in 33 years in the art business.


John Cox
As an artist who demands the best I can possibly do on every painting I create, I can ask no less from the framer, Photographers and printers of the reproductions of my work. In the case of photography and printing of Giclees of my work, I have found what I feel is the best with Century Editions. Andy and his very talented staff work closely with me to produce giclee's that are as close to original as is possible with state of the art equipment and their knowledge of that equipment. You will not find better service or finished product, no matter how many printers you look at. Trust me, save your time to paint and let Century Editions do the work on reproduction you will be proud of.



Vikki Reed
In my quest to find and offer the finest quality reproductions to my collectors, I discovered Century Editions in 2006. True and vibrant color is essential for me and they offer me that, as well as perfectly stretched and durable canvas. The fast-track proofing system offers me a hands-on approach and has shortened the wait time on new orders, re-orders are done in a flash.

  Dick Heichberger
I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how much pride and appreciation I have for the work you've done for me.Until I saw the first giclee you did for me I had no idea that a reproduction could be made to look identical to an original painting. I am still continually amazed at the precision of your work. You truly take the time and effort to make each piece perfect. In addition to the quality of your work, you and your staff have been extremely pleasant to work with. It's been a wonderful experience, and I would highly recommed you to anyone.

Meg Harper
Century Editions has a great eye for color matching, they are much more precise than my eyes will ever be! I always know my prints are going to be as perfect as they can be and that my art is in great hands.


Sergio Ladron de Guevara
In 2004 when I met Andy, I was completely impressed by his giclees and his enthusiastic interest in creating an excellent product. Since then I have admired the consistency of his quality and his constant upgrades to the very newest and finest of equipment, paper, canvas, inks and systems. Andy and his staff have always presented to me a facsimile of my original painting which has impact and a wonderful presence.

Thank you, Andy.


Joe Netherwood
Century Editions has always provided me with top notch products and customer service. They consistently deliver the best quality giclées in the business, often ahead of schedule. Their other services are handled in a timely and professional manner. I recommend them to my friends and collectors regularly as they consistently deliver more than promised. Andy and his staff are the best.


Lance Headlee
My experience with Andy Wollmann and Century Editions has been outstanding. Before I met Andy I was using other companies that just couldn't deliver the quality I was looking for. The Giclee's I received from other companies were dull, lifeless with muddy colors and too much gloss finish. I always hated going to these companies to have a piece reproduced because I never knew what I was going to get. I never got back anything I liked. That is not the case anymore. I wouldn't take my originals to anyone other then Century Editions, for the simple fact that Andy won't let anything out the door unless it is perfect, even a little flaw is unacceptable to Andy. Don't waste your time or money looking elsewhere because I have never seen a Giclee look as good as the original until I entered the doors at Century Editions. Trust me, my clients couldn't be happier. Most the time they think my Giclee's are originals. I can always trust Century Editions, because my research shows they offer the finest quality reproductions I have ever seen at a great price.

  Gary Robertson
In the business of Fine Art, the artists challenge is to successfully execute a painting in a unique and memorable style and to market such works in a rewarding manor. This is an evolving process, that if done correctly, can be fun and quite rewarding. One area that can be a possible problem in this business, is having a painting reproduced in a giclee format. When done correctly, a giclee is an extremely accurate and beautiful copy of your art, if done poorly, it becomes a time consuming exercise in compromise and frustration for the artist.

In having my own art reproduced, I have dealt with many companies that felt owning a large ink jet printer made them instant experts in producing giclee prints. Not so. Deadlines, budgets, and quality usually suffered. And worse yet, these companies did not even realize they had botched the job. These problems became history when I discovered Century Editions. They understand the Fine Art business and appreciate the special concerns of each artist. I have not had to compromise quality, price or scheduling. Ever. Their word is good, their reproductions are superb, and their pricing is very competitive. Best of all, you do not have to baby-sit these people. You have more time to explore ideas, create new works and have more fun, which is what the Fine Art business is all about. Right?

Believe me, Century Editions will make you and your art look very good!


  Melanie Banayat
I was in a blind panic just before I found Century Editions! Here’s how the story played out: It was just three weeks before my art show, and I had received an order that I placed with a different giclee printer who will remain nameless not for legal reasons, but because I'm afraid I might attach a few expletives that would not be appropriate for this testimonial. The prints were far less than satisfactory. There was no way I could show these prints in public. I needed to find a different printer! Now!

I somehow found Century Editions via a Google search on the Internet. At first I was embarrassed to bring in the prints that the other printer had done. However, I must say, I enjoyed having a good chuckle with Andy and Mike when we placed those awful prints next to my originals. When Andy began to laugh it confirmed that I wasn’t just crazy or in need of a new eyeglass prescription. The prints were blurry, and the colors were about 6 miles off.

Of course I was far more apprehensive and leery after my experience with the other printer. But after watching the process that Century Editions went through I was convinced that I found one of the best – if not THE best! They took the time to show me the superior difference in their technology over other printers. I knew the technology that my previous two giclee printers used and it didn’t even come close to what Century Editions uses. Now I understand the difference in the quality, and why the other printers can only produce “poor to so-so” quality. Now I know why Century Editions can produce colors that other printers can’t even come close to. It’s in their technology. Century Editions was willing to make the investment in superior technology, where others made the investment into technology that would allow them to simply get into the business, but no matter what those other printers do they simply will never be able to produce the clarity, or colors that Century Editions can get. It’s a mathematical certainty!

However, the biggest and most important difference I found with Century Editions is that they actually care! They care genuinely about the final product that goes out their door with their name attached to it. They care that their customer is happy with the product. Not everyone does that. In fact, these days it’s rare to find businesses that still practice excellent customer service.

One thing I’ve learned (the hard way) is that you shouldn’t rush the process; quality giclee prints take time. Make sure you are not in a rush to get your prints done. It will be worth it in the long run.

If you care about putting out a product that represents your work as closely as possible I would recommend that you do yourself a favor … take some time to do a little research, compare the technology, compare the final products, have some samples printed of your work by each printer and place them side by side. Yes, it will cost a little to do this, but if you don’t it could end up costing you a lot more down the line.

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