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Great giclee prints don't happen by accident. It takes a decision to use only the finest quality materials, technology and craftsmanship available. A decision to work with artists, gallery owners and publishers as a team. A commitment to offer the best giclee printing services on the planet. And that's what we do, day in and day out. Call it an obsession. But it's our dedication to quality that separates our giclee printing service from all of the others.

You will find that commitment to quality in every giclee print we produce. You will see it in the saturated pigments that help generate the largest color gamut in giclee printing. You will see it in our peerless color matching technology and in the skills of our craftspeople. You will see it in the feel of our fine art papers, the durability of our canvas and in the construction of our hand-crafted strainer bars. It's the quality of giclee printing we have a reputation for. This has been the Century Editions way since we opened our doors and always will be.

NEW 3D Image Capture

Capture all the detail of impasto techniques with our new 3D artwork photography service. Giclee prints using 3D captures appear three dimensional and add value to your limited editions. Currently available for paintings up to 36 tall by 48 inches wide.

"Laguna Boat" copyright 2008 Bob Pejman
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Design a Luxury Throw Pillow using YOUR ART

Fun and easy to use web based pillow design tool.
Upload your photo and design a custom pillow in under 30 seconds
3 sizes, mix and match 4 fabric types, 4 filler choices, custom cording options
Printed and sewn to order with your image and color choices
Generate free 3D Pillow models of your designs to post on your website
Trade pricing and private labeling available
No minimum order, fast shipping

slotsdad.com www.mypillowprinter.com
Image of Artists Proportional Scale
Things change. Ever wonder how anyone got by without a cell phone or a microwave? Can you believe that we used to get around by riding on the back a horse (or looking at the back end of one)? Technology has changed just about everything in our lives. So why in the world are you still using that old round Artist's Proportional Scale you have in the drawer?
Century Editions has placed a FREE precision calculator on line so you can determine what

sizes your art can be perfectly scaled to. So what you say? Well, try it and you will find that our Artist's Proportional Calculator instantly finds all whole number proportional sizes and puts them in an easy to read printable list. Giclee reproductions won't need to be cropped at proportional sizes. Whole numbers means that stretcher bars or pre-made frames will be easier to purchase too.                           <read more>

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